Elke tells why the baby massage course is fun to do. With a lot of joy, she shares the techniques of the baby massage and all the ideas behind it.

Babymassage Docente Elke

The baby massage course is a joyful experience. It’s wonderful to see the mothers connecting deeply to their babies via the massage. The soft touches of the massage are like the language of the heart. Beautiful moments are shared between mother and child during the course. Our daily thoughts that usually distract the mind, float to the background. Now creating space for these beautiful moments to simply be together, and give your full attention to your child. After four classes, the mothers know how to perform a full baby massage. At home, the baby massage can become a daily or weekly ritual between parent and child to cherish the love and appreciation.

Elke is a certified Shantala Baby Massage teacher since 2017. She has organized many courses, sharing her knowledge with other parents. Elke finds it’s important that participants feel at home during the course. And feel free to give their baby the same attention and care, just as they would do when being at home.    

The training Elke has completed is recognized by the Dutch Organisation for Shantala Massage Teachers (VSD). 

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