During the course, you will learn to give the Shantala Baby Massage to your little one. Here you will find out why mothers choose to do baby massage during their maternity period and later on. And learn about the benefits for parent and baby. You will find information about the teacher and you can book your course for you and your little one. 

Giving your new-born a relaxing massage is a present experience. You will learn baby-massage techniques step by step at the right pace for your baby. The gentle and loving baby massage has a positive effect on your baby’s well-being. Through the soft touches on baby’s skin, your baby feels loved and cared for. The massage helps your baby to safely bond with you. It has a positive effect on bellyache, restless sleeping and tension. Enjoy the one-on-one time with your baby in a peaceful and calm environment. In these precious moments, you will feel closer to your baby. English babymassage Eindhoven.

The Shantala baby massage technique originates from India. When French Gynecologist Leboyer was travelling through India. He discovered a mother in the streets of Calcutta giving the massage to her baby. Leboyer was very impressed by this and introduced it in Europe. In India, this massage technique is passed on from mothers to daughters. The Shantala massage is suitable for babies and children.  English baby massage Eindhoven.

English baby massage Eindhoven babymassage Eindhoven

Times Baby Massage course

The baby massage course takes place on Friday afternoon.

When Baby Massage course

You can join the course when your baby is more then 6 weeks of age. Baby massage is suitable until your baby starts crawling (until about 9 months of age).

For Who Baby Massage course

This course is for one parent or for both parents with their baby.

Baby wordt gemasseerd door moeder in de cursus

Baby Kate with her mom enjoying the course.

Practice Book Baby Massage course

You will receive a baby massage practice book, written in English. The whole massage is explained in steps and supported by clear images. The baby massage practice book is helpful to have when you practice the massage at home.

In the back of the practice book, you will find extra themes with helpful tips. The themes are related to taking care of your baby, like; baby’s skin, massage oil, attachment, sleeping and naps, crying, belly ache, baby’s leaps in awareness, carrying while supporting baby’s base and polarity massage.

Babymassage Oefenboek

Practice Book in English language

The Space Baby Massage course

The space is comfortable and calm. During the course you will sit on soft mattresses with back support.

What do you bring

  • A hydrophilic cloth or small towel
  • A baby bath towel or baby blanket.
  • Your diaper bag with the usual baby care products.
  • A baby blanket for after class when going outside again.


Shantala Baby Massage Eindhoven English

Baby Massage Private Course

89,-1 Private Class.
  • One parent or both parents with baby.
  • At Happy Birthing Day

Book the Course

1. Select the date in the agenda below.

2. Click the create new reservation button and fill out your information.

3. Click the creat reservation butten and make the payment by Ideal or Sepa.

Done! You receive the confirmation of your booking by directly email.

Baby Massage Private Course

89,-1 Private Class.
  • One parent or both parents with baby.
  • At Happy Birthing Day



About the teacher

Babymassage Docente Elke

The baby massage course is a joyful experience. It’s wonderful to see the mothers connecting deeply to their babies via the massage. The soft touches of the massage are like the language of the heart. Beautiful moments are shared between mother and child during the course. Our daily thoughts that usually distract the mind, float to the background. Now creating space for these beautiful moments to simply be together, and give your full attention to your child. After four classes, the mothers know how to perform a full baby massage. At home, the baby massage can become a daily or weekly ritual between parent and child to cherish the love and appreciation.

shantala babymassage eindhoven cursus erkend docent

Elke is a certified Shantala Baby Massage teacher since 2017. She has organized many courses, sharing her knowledge with other parents. Elke finds it’s important that participants feel at home during the course. And feel free to give their baby the same attention and care, just as they would do when being at home.    

The training Elke has completed is recognized by the Dutch Organisation for Shantala Massage Teachers (VSD). 

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