Here Elke writes about her own experience when giving birth to her son. She tells what hypnobirthing meant for her, in this experience. She talks about her joy and dedication to share hypnobirthing with other parents. And helping them with the preparation for the birth of their child.

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My Story

During my pregnancy, I was scared of giving birth. Different thoughts went through my mind such as, that the baby was not going to fit, that it would be very painful and eventually interventions would be necessary. It felt like a bad idea to go into labour for the first time whilst fears and negative thoughts filled my mind. Luckily Helianthe (founder of Mucha Mama) was there to help me.

At 30 weeks pregnancy, I booked a Mucha Mama Hypnobirthing Course. The exercises were easy to do and very effective and enjoyable. By doing the course I gained the confidence that giving birth could be easy, that I could be relaxed and that it could be a beautiful experience. I also gained trust in myself and in my body.

The birth of my beautiful son went very smoothly. The time it took from the first contraction until I was able to hold my baby was only 4 hours in total. It was a wonderful birth and people were very surprised about how quickly it went. No doubt that this became the most beautiful day in my life. I look back on it with a lot of joyful feelings.

As a Mucha Mama Hypnobirthing Teacher with my own positive experience, I love to share hypnobirthing with you. Helping you towards your own positive and beautiful birthing experience.

During the hypnobirthing course, I will take you through all the techniques and information you need to stay relaxed and feeling in control during your birth. We will practise with deep relaxation, positive affirmations/visualisations, breathing techniques, calming massage and releasing fears and negative thoughts. The course is very practical and the exercises are very relaxing, even for the daddy-to-be.

I hope to meet you in one of the English Hypnobirthing courses.

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Elke has started as a certified hypnobirthing teacher in 2016. In the meantime, Elke has helped many couples with their preparation for labour.  Elke cares to hear their stories and needs. In an easy and natural way, she adapts the exercises to fit their personal situation.

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