Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-06-09T16:51:25+02:00

Check below for questions and answers about the hypnobirthing course. In case your question is not on the list, feel free to contact me.

Will I be aware during my child’s birth?2022-12-08T13:32:35+01:00

Yes. With hypnobirthing, you enhance the contact with your own body. During your child’s birth, you will be more relaxed and able to follow your body intuitively. This is a beautiful experience while you are very conscious.

Is hypnobirthing safe?2022-12-08T13:31:49+01:00

Yes. You can compare the exercises with a guided meditation to enjoy and relax. Hypnobirthing is self hypnoses. You decide on which positive thoughts you will focus. When you worry daily about your child’s birth it is also self hypnoses, but a negative one. During the course, you become more aware of this and you will see how to focus on things that you do want. The positive thoughts make you more relaxed. This is beneficial for you and your baby.

Which order is best to go through the course materials?2022-12-08T13:35:28+01:00

The best is to start watching the video’s. In Mucha Mama’s videos is explained step by step when to use which materials.

You can also start by listening daily to the audio session Stress Release.

I just paid the course, when will I receive the download link?2020-01-04T21:13:40+01:00

After payment, Mucha Mama will send the download link with username and password to your email. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours. The email that you receive from Mucha Mama could end up in your email’s Spam. In case you did not receive the email yet, check your Spam and set as a safe sender.

In the unlikely event of not have received the download link after 24 hours then contact Mucha Mama per email or phone 0181 773 746.

When I listen to the audio sessions I fall a sleep, is this a problem?2022-12-08T13:36:10+01:00

Because of the deep relaxation when listening to the audio sessions it happens quite often somebody will fall asleep. This is natural and it is no problem at all. Just enjoy it.

Can I watch the video’s on my laptop, smartphone, tablet or computer?2022-12-08T13:36:47+01:00

Yes, the video’s can be played on the devices mentioned above. It is also possible to watch the video’s online by logging in on Mucha Mama’s website.

Can I listen to the audio sessions on my laptop, smartphone, tablet or computer?2016-11-25T20:58:20+01:00

Yes. The audio sessions are Mp3. They are easy to open on the devices mentioned above. It is also possible to listen to the audio sessions online by logging in on Mucha Mama’s website.

Can I read the e-book on my smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer?2022-12-08T13:38:54+01:00

Yes. The digital hypnobirthing book is a PDF. It is easy to open on the devices mentioned above. It is also possible to read the digital hypnobirthing book online with the login on Mucha Mama’s website.

What is the best time to start the course?2020-01-04T21:16:34+01:00

Most women start the course between 25 and 35 weeks of pregnancy. In that period most women start to think more about their child’s birth when it’s coming closer. That moment is a good time to do the course. We advise doing the course at least 6 weeks before the due date.

Can I also do hypnobirthing when my pregnancy is guided by the hospital?2020-01-04T21:21:02+01:00

Sure. The hypnobirthing course is also recommended if you have a pregnancy with extra challenges. During the course meeting, we adapt the exercises to your own personal situation and needs. The techniques you will learn during the course give you more peace and positive energy. Besides using them to prepare your child’s birth, the techniques can give you extra mental support during examinations or challenging moments.

Can I use hypnobirthing for a cesarean?2020-01-04T21:24:13+01:00

Yes. Hypnobirthing is positive preparation for the day you meet your baby. During the course, you will adapt the exercises and make them personally fitting for yourself. When you have worries, doubts and fears towards a planned cesarean, hypnobirthing can still give you the most positive and relaxed experience when meeting your baby for the first time.

Mucha Mama has a special package of audio sessions that are written to prepare you for a cesarean.

Can I bring somebody else instead of my partner?2022-12-08T13:39:52+01:00

Most women take their partner to the course. Many expectant fathers like to give support during childbirth in a meaningful way. In case you prefer, it is possible to take your friend, sister, mother or doula. During the course, your birthing partner learns different ways to support you and increase your relaxation during your child’s birth. The person that you take with you to the course has to be present during your birth. It’s important that you will practice together after the course until the delivery.

Is the Hypnobirthing Course reimbursed by my healthinsurance?2020-01-04T21:34:16+01:00

If you have supplementary health insurance it might be possible that your insurance will reimburse a part of the course. This does depend upon which health insurance you have. To find out please contact your health insurance.

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