Find out why mothers choose to do baby massage during their maternity period and later on. Learn about the benefits for parent and baby when giving the massage. 

Giving your new-born a relaxing massage is a present experience. You will learn baby-massage techniques step by step at the right pace for your baby. The gentle and loving baby massage has a positive effect on your baby’s well-being. Through the soft touches on baby’s skin, your baby feels loved and cared for. The massage helps your baby to safely bond with you. It has a positive effect on bellyache, restless sleeping and tension. Enjoy the one-on-one time with your baby in a peaceful and calm environment. In these precious moments, you will feel closer to your baby. English babymassage Eindhoven.

English baby massage Eindhoven babymassage Eindhoven

The Shantala Massage Technique

The Shantala baby massage technique originates from India. When French Gynecologist Leboyer was travelling through India. He discovered a mother in the streets of Calcutta giving the massage to her baby. Leboyer was very impressed by this and introduced it in Europe. In India, this massage technique is passed on from mothers to daughters. The Shantala massage is suitable for babies and children.  English baby massage Eindhoven.

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