Find more balance and peace with pregnancy yoga. In this time where your body is changing relaxation is extra valuable. You will practice mild postures suitable for you in your pregnancy, breathing techniques for birth and effective relaxation exercises. Pregnancy yoga gives you space to fully enjoy the beautiful aspects of your pregnancy. The relaxation helps you feel self-assured and connect deeply with your inner strength.  Pregnancy yoga Eindhoven

Postures for Pregnancy

Every class we practice mild pregnancy yoga postures. These postures have a positive effect on your body and pregnancy. They will help you to prepare your body for the birth of your baby. Making the body flexible and the pelvic area more supple. We also practice exercises to help with common pregnancy discomforts, like tired or restless legs, back pain, pelvic instability and improving the total body posture. The exercises help release tension. You will also learn postures that are useful during birth and receive practical advice to apply during your pregnancy and the birth of your baby. Pregnancy Yoga Eindhoven

zwangerschapsyoga eindhoven voor een ontspannen zwangerschap eindhoven

Breathing Exercises

Every class we practice with breathing exercises that you will use during the birth of your baby. Calm breathing helps you to stay relaxed and is great support you can access any time. Because we practice the exercises weekly, you will gain more control over your breath. That way you can use your breath to stay calm during contractions. And you will optimally use your breath during the pushing stage. You will receive the breathing exercises in print, so you can practice them easily at home. The booklet includes an overview showing which breathing techniques are useful in every stage of birth. Pregnancy Yoga Eindhoven

Relaxation Exercises

At the end of every class, we practice a relaxation exercise. You will gain experience in letting go of tension and how to develop a calm focus. This calm focus is important on the day of birth. This inner peace and concentration will help you to let the experience of pain be as it is and accept it for what it is. You can keep your focus on your breathing that calms you. Pregnancy Yoga Eindhoven

pregnancy yoga eindhoven practise book

Practise Booklet

When joining the pregnancy yoga course you will receive the practice booklet. Inside the booklet is a wealth of practical information for your pregnancy and birth preparation. The booklet includes:

  • Breathing techniques during contractions.
  • Overview of the phases of birth.
  • Postures for the contractions.
  • Postures for the pushing stage.
  • Special breathing techniques for the pushing stage.
  • Advice for during your pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

When you join the pregnancy yoga partner class, the content of the practice booklet is extended with pages for your partner. Pregnancy Yoga Eindhoven

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