With love and care, we guide women during their pregnancy and in their preparation for giving birth. The partner can join too for learning new skills on how to support her during childbirth. We also offer a lovely baby massage course for after birth. Read on to find out more. 

Hypnobirthing Eindhoven

The Hypnobirthing course helps you to stay calm during the birth of your baby. The course includes deep relaxation techniques, calm breathing techniques, massage techniques, positive affirmations and plenty of helpful information. During the one day course in Eindhoven, you and your partner will practise together. Your partner will learn ways to support you during birth. Join this complete birth preparation. And get inspired to welcome your baby in a positive and calm way. On this website, you will find information about the hypnobirthing courses.  Hypnobirthing Eindhoven

English Course Hypnobirthing Eindhoven Pregnancy Course Eindhoven Childbirth Course Eindhoven
English Course Baby Massage Eindhoven Baby Course Eindhoven
Baby Massage Eindhoven

Experience the joyfulness of the Baby Massage course. It’s possible to join with your new-born from 6 weeks of age. Learn to give a full head to toe massage, while having fun and bond with your baby. You will receive a baby massage practice book, written in English. The practice book explains the massage step by step with clear images. And it contains plenty of helpful information for a positive start with your baby. Baby Massage Eindhoven.

English Course Baby Massage Eindhoven Baby Course Eindhoven


I attended Shantala Babymassage course. Both I and my son enjoyed it very much. The facilities are very cozy what makes it very relaxing for the mother and child. Moreover, we got a lot of useful, essential information/guidance during the classes and in written. I was attending the Dutch course as an expat and Elke took special effort to make sure that I could understand everything (including translating the course booklet). I recommend the place and the teacher!

Maria about the Baby Massage Course, @ Happy Birthing Day
The English course is very nice. It helped my partner and I to be better prepared. During the course you get information and techniques of how to use hypnobirthing. Then you need to keep practicing at home. During the course you have the opportunity to practice the techniques. Elke is a very nice instructor, she helps you with all your questions and guide you and your partner through the course.The place is very nice, relaxing and comfortable.
Alejandra & Francisco about the Hypnobirthing Course, @ Happy Birthing Day

I have been to one of your mucha mama hypnobirthing class last July.
First of all I wish you a very happy new year!!

I never took the time to thank you after the birth of my daughter! Liv was born on August 22nd with no medical aid. The relaxing exercices you taught us really helped! The dilatation phase from 0 to 9 was pretty easy to handle, I was very relaxed!

Liv was born 6 hours after the beginning of the first waves! What a magical and wonderful moment! I was under a shock of happiness!

So a huge thank you for what you taught us!! I will definitely go with hypnobirthing if we have a second baby!

Audrey & Moussa about the Hypnobirthing Course, @ Happy Birthing Day

The hypnobirthing workshop with Elke was a great experience and we enjoyed the whole day. The explanations and exercises gave both of us a feeling of empowerment and made us look forward to the day of our son’s arrival.

Trying the different options for the breathing exercises during the hypnobirthing workshop and practicing them afterwards was a great preparation for birth. It enabled me to easily switch from one option to another without thinking too much. Our midwife was quite impressed how well I managed to breathe and stay relaxed during the waves.

We can really recommend the hypnobirthing workshop as it felt very empowering. It also gave us a very positive attitude towards birth, which helped us also during some other information sessions.

Manuela & Neil about the Hypnobirthing Course, @ Happy Birthing Day

Had a great hypnobirthing course in English with Elke. I definitely recommend it. It was very peaceful and calm made me feel very much ready.

Kelly about the Hypnobirthing Course, @ Happy Birthing Day

We took a full day Hypnobirthing course with Elke during the 25th week of pregnancy. Elke was very accommodating, enthusiastic and patient with us, especially during the practical part, when we needed to practice various calming techniques. While explaining us different concepts she supported them with a lot of examples to help us understand everything better. The course consisted of both the emotional/mental and theoretical side of giving birth. We learnt how to act and what to do on every stage of the process. We received the exercise book and some extra material to further learn and practice at home. We highly recommend this course to all pregnant couples.

Ewa & Paul

Ewa & Paul about the Hypnobirthing Course, @ Happy Birthing Day

At first, I was sceptical about this course but it exceeded my expectations – it was a wonderful and unforgettable experience! 🙂 Elke explained various breathing, massage, relaxation and meditation techniques that help you go through the delivery day with a positive attitude, happiness and joy.

Alicia & Chris about the Hypnobirthing Course, @ Happy Birthing Day

We took part in the English-speaking hypnobirthing course with Elke. Nicely prepared, friendly place. Elke was super kind and helping. She paid attention to every one of us and offered personalised help.

Katalin & Leszek about the Hypnobirthing Course, @ Happy Birthing Day