Find out what hypnobirthing is and what it does for you. How easily you can use it during your child’s birth. And what differences it can make in your experience of giving birth.

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing consists of relaxing exercises and audio sessions. They are used as a preparation for giving birth. During the course, you learn easy ways to release fears, worries and doubts considering the birth. You will practice using your breath and focus. You will use affirmations and/or visualizations. The exercises are easy to do and very effective. The audio sessions and the exercises will bring you more relaxation, guidance, support, a positive focus and a feeling of being more in control during the birth.

How does it work?

The relaxation coming from the exercises have a positive effect on your mind and body. The process of giving birth is influenced by, whether you are relaxed or stressed. Stress causes a hormonal production inside your body that has a negative influence on your child’s birth. While your body will produce important birthing hormones when you relax. These will have a positive influence on your child’s birth, such as birthing more swiftly and with less pain.

Why preparing with hypnobirthing?

For most people, it’s hard to relax in a moment of such importance as the birth of your child. That’s why practising in advance with relaxation techniques, is very helpful. Releasing all the negative thoughts in advance will make you feel more self assured and more self-empowered. With doing the exercises you reach deeper thoughts. With hypnobirthing, you can release fears, worries and doubts. You clear the pathway for birthing with trust in a calm way. This is why hypnobirthing is different from all other pregnancy courses.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation combined with having a focus. Everybody goes into such a state several times a day. For example, when you are driving, walking, reading, listening or dancing. While you relax you are still aware and attentive. Hypnosis, as it is shown in theatres or on television, is very different from hypnobirthing and does not relate the course. During the course you are conscious and at all times you make your own decisions.

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How do you experience hypnosis?

Everybody goes everyday a several times in a state of hypnosis. How do you experience this.

Hypnosis you experience as:

Daydreaming ♥ Deep relaxation ♥ Inside your own cocoon ♥ Within your own thoughts ♥ Engrossed in a book

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